Volume 18
Number 3
Aug 2014
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Case Reports
M.J.A. Kamps, A.M.A. Vermeulen Windsant-van den Tweel, C.P.C. de Jager

A woman was admitted to the intensive care unit after a severe intoxication with ethylene glycol. Her plasma level of ethylene glycol was extremely high. She was treated with ethanol infusion and with continuous-venovenous haemofiltration. Subsequently the ethanol was replaced by fomepizole. Her recovery was uneventful without end-organ damage. This case report describes the advantages of treatment with fomepizole compared with the well-known treatment with ethanol in case of ethylene glycol intoxication. We conclude that fomepizole should be considered in patients with severe ethylene glycol intoxications.

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