Volume 21
Number 2
Jun 2015
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R. van den Berg, D.J. Versluis, L. Dawson, D. Pretorius, K. de Blok, P.E. Spronk

This report describes the latest news from the yearly Brussels ISICEM meeting held from 16-20 March 2015. Most importantly, opinion leaders concluded that future studies and interpretation of data should be more individualised. Virtually all intervention studies in the recent decennium that were performed in ICU patients show overlapping Kaplan-Meier survival curves. In view of the recent insights derived from omics research
we will probably hear more from individualised therapeutic interventions, rather than interventions in more generalised groups. This is also substantiated by an increasing number of closed-loop systems, such as automated weaning from the ventilator, and regulation of glucose levels. New information on specific subjects such as the colloid-crystalloid controversy, end-of-life care, transfusion-related issues, immunonutrition and the early identification of pathogens is briefly discussed.

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