Volume 29
Number 3
Jul 2021
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Case Reports
S.J.P. Hiel, A. Osinski, J.T. Kamphuis

A pharmacobezoar is a rare entity characterised by an accumulation of undigested pills in the gastrointestinal tract. It is often induced by massive drug consumption, especially slow-release tablets. We describe an 18-year-old female with a pharmacobezoar after taking an overdose of slow-release clomipramine and slow-release quetiapine. Because of a decline in her level of consciousness, she was intubated. As standard treatment with activated charcoal, gastric lavage and laxatives was insufficiently effective, it was decided to remove the tablets endoscopically. The patient did not have any post-procedural complications and showed a full recovery. Endoscopic removal of a pharmacobezoar should be considered in case of severe intoxication.

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