In an era of increasing scientific misconduct in research publishing, the editorial board has decided to put more emphasis on the responsibility of the journal for ethical issues, in order to improve and maintain a high professional standard.
The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors ( has laid down ethical standards for science and reporting in the medical field. The editors of the many medical journals registered with the committee follow the practical recommendations and adhere to these standards.
Because the Netherlands Journal of Critical Care has not so far made a public and official commitment to ethical conduct, the editorial board decided to register the journal with the ICMJE (as you can see on their website). From now on we will adhere to the recommendations which are published on the ICMJE Research and publication ethics website concerning authorship, scientific conduct, conflicts of interest, ethical approval, data management and soundness of reporting. A recently submitted manuscript was accordingly rejected because of major plagiarism, since the editorial board and reviewers are increasingly aware of publication ethics. We will subject future contributions to these ethical standards to serve the scientific community and readership of our journal in a transparent and responsible manner. We ask potential authors to take these considerations into account when submitting their quality work to our journal, which provides a recognised contribution to the critical care literature.

Prof. dr. A.B. Johan Groeneveld
Editor in chief

Prof. dr. A.B. Johan Groeneveld Editor in chief. Neth J Crit Care December 2014;18(6): 2