Comment on CRISTAL study
L. Zafrani, C. Ince. Neth J Crit Care April 2014;18(2): 2-3
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Postnatal corticosteroids for the prevention of bronchopulmonary dysplasia
W. Onland, A.P. de Jaegere, M. van de Loo, A.H. van Kaam. Neth J Crit Care April 2014;18(2): 8-14
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Case Reports
Type B lactic acidosis as initial presentation of acute myeloid leukaemia. A case report
W.M.G. Hendrikse, M.J.J.H. Grootenboers, P. van Wijngaarden. Neth J Crit Care April 2014;18(2): 15-16
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Double arrest” - Amphetamine fatality in a 31-year-old male: a case report
J.N. Brinkman, N.G.M. Hunfeld, P.H.G.J. Melief. Neth J Crit Care April 2014;18(2): 17-20
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Clinical Image
Anisocoria in a hyperthyroid patient working as an ambulance nurse
L.C. Langenberg, S.C. Bakker. Neth J Crit Care April 2014;18(2): 29
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Etomidate and S-ketamine for the intubation of patients on the intensive care unit: a prospective, open-label study
C.D. Punt, T.P.J. Dormans, W.P. Oosterhuis, W. Boer, B. Depoorter, C.J. van der Linden, M.C.E. van der Woude, C.I.E. Scheeren, G.H.M. Zelis, B.G. Fikkers. Neth J Crit Care April 2014;18(2): 4-7
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