Therapeutic hypothermia: is it about the temperature?
M.A. Kuiper. Neth J Crit Care June 2014;18(3): 2-3
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Case Reports
Intrathoracic gastric herniation as a rare cause of cardiac arrest
D.W.M. Hoelen, A.L. van Duijn, C.L. Meuwese, J.P. Ruurda, M.A. Sikma. Neth J Crit Care June 2014;18(3): 19-20
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Seizures and hemiparesis after subclavian vascular access
J.G. F. Scholten, E.J. Oostra, H.B. van der Worp, P.E. Spronk, J.C. de Graaff. Neth J Crit Care June 2014;18(3): 21-23
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Diagnostic difficulties in disseminated histoplasmosis in an immunocompromised patient
E.J. van Koppen, M. van Buren, M.F. Nijhoff, R. Brimicombe, I.M. Purmer. Neth J Crit Care June 2014;18(3): 24-26
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Clinical Image
How to combine vacuum assisted closure and local flushing of debris?
M. Stijf, P.E. Spronk. Neth J Crit Care June 2014;18(3): 27
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Instructions for the use of critical care ultrasound in Dutch daily practice: the Rijnstate ICU manual, ready for broad acceptance?
C.A.D. Slegers, M.J. Blans, F.H. Bosch. Neth J Crit Care June 2014;18(3): 4-18
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Pediatric acute respiratory distress syndrome: host factors in Down syndrome and the general population
M.Bruijn. Neth J Crit Care June 2014;18(3): 28-9
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