The use of statins for sepsis-associated ARDS
E. Ewalds, P. Pickkers. Neth J Crit Care October 2014;18(5): 2-3
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The immunomodulatory actions of adenosine during systemic inflammation
B.P. Ramakers, N.P. Riksen, P. Pickkers. Neth J Crit Care October 2014;18(5): 4-10
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Case Reports
Chlamydia psittaci pneumonia with septic shock and hypoxic respiratory failure
B. Speelberg, E.R. Heddema, N. Janssen, B.M.J. Scholtes, E.C.J. van Vliet, C.M. Verduin. Neth J Crit Care October 2014;18(5): 18-22
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Severe hypomagnesaemia in the intensive care unit
T. Kvarantan, R.J. Bosman, H.M. Oudemans-van Straaten. Neth J Crit Care October 2014;18(5): 23-8
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Paracetamol-induced hypotension on the intensive care unit
K.R. Charaghvandi, P.D.J. Bollen, M. Duisenberg-van Essenberg, A.M.F. Rutten. Neth J Crit Care October 2014;18(5): 15-7
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Clinical Image
The finger on the sore spot
A. Tinholt-van der Grift, P.E. Spronk, A. Braber. Neth J Crit Care October 2014;18(5): digital rectal examination, fever of unknown origin, anorectal abscess
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Influenza A or B virus infection 2012-2013: incidence, characteristics and outcome in critically ill patients in two Dutch intensive care units
D. Jansen, R. van den Berg, G. Bosman, P. Vos, J.A.H. van Oers. Neth J Crit Care October 2014;18(5): 11-4
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