Heart transplantation after donation by circulatory death donors
M.A. Kuiper. Neth J Crit Care February 2015;19(1): 5
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Mean systemic filling pressure: its measurement and meaning
J.J. Maas. Neth J Crit Care February 2015;19(1): 6-11
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Controlling antibiotic resistance in intensive care units
L.P.G. Derde, M.J.M. Bonten. Neth J Crit Care February 2015;19(1): 12-6
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Case Reports
Recombinant factor VIIa: life-saving therapy in a patient with massive bleeding and hepatic failure
I. Storms, M. Zijlstra, E.M.G. Jacobs, L.M. Keeris. Neth J Crit Care February 2015;19(1): 17-9
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Long-term extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in acute respiratory distress syndrome
A.W.M. in ‘t Veld-van Wingerden, J. Maas, H.I.J. Harinck, R. Mauritz . Neth J Crit Care February 2015;19(1): 20-4
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Clinical Image
Green urine
M.A. Kuiper. Neth J Crit Care February 2015;19(1): 30
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Stick to the ABC!
J.F. Mentink, J.O. Streefkerk. Neth J Crit Care February 2015;19(1): 31-2
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Book review
Textbook of neurointensive care
M. van der Jagt. Neth J Crit Care February 2015;19(1): 33
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Let’s cultivate our ‘V.O.C. mentality’* in the renaissance of ECMO!
D.W. Donker. Neth J Crit Care February 2015;19(1): 25-6
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Venovenous ECMO in a teaching hospital
F.N. Polderman. Neth J Crit Care February 2015;19(1): 27-9
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