The PROPPR transfusion ratio in severe traumatic haemorrhage
C. Boer. Neth J Crit Care September 2015;22(4): 4-5
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Ebola virus disease: Basics the medical specialist should know
M.P. Grobusch, B.J. Visser, J. Boersma, M.A. Huson, S. Janssen, P. Greve, J.L. Browne, C. van der Ende-Bouwman, J. Van der Ende, N. Zwinkels, E. Huizenga, G.J. de Bree1, C. Stijnis, M. van Vugt, A. Goorhuis. Neth J Crit Care September 2015;22(4): 6-14
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Case Reports
New-onset type 1 diabetic ketoacidosis complicated by acute respiratory distress syndrome
P.P. Landburg, J.J.J. de Sonnaville, J.A. Romijn, N.P. Juffermans. Neth J Crit Care September 2015;22(4): 15-7
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Necrotising laryngitis and epiglottitis in a patient with methimazole-induced agranulocytosis S.
S. Popal, B.W. Verbaan, G.C.M. Vreeburg, B.P. Ramakers. Neth J Crit Care September 2015;22(4): 18-20
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Clinical Image
Electrical burns caused by a train-of-four monitor
W.A.C. Koekkoek, D.H.T. Tjan. Neth J Crit Care September 2015;22(4): 21-2
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Book review
Perioperative hemodynamic monitoring and goal directed therapy: From theory to practice
M. Cannesson, R. Pearse (Eds.). Neth J Crit Care September 2015;22(4): 23
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Handbook of drugs in intensive care: An A-Z guide
H. Paw, R. Shulman. Neth J Crit Care September 2015;22(4): 24
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