Does it matter where we sample blood for blood glucose control?
R.T.M. van Hooijdonk, M.J. Schultz. Neth J Crit Care September 2016;24(5): 4 - 5
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Corticosteroids for cardiac surgery: a summary of two large randomised trials
J.M. Dieleman, D. van Dijk. Neth J Crit Care September 2016;24(5): 6 - 10
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Case Reports
An acute and life-threatening complication after an endoscopic procedure
F.T.R. Voorhuis, N.X. de Rijk, A.M.C.J. Voorburg. Neth J Crit Care September 2016;24(5): 16 - 7
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Thyrotoxic hypokalaemic periodic paralysis in a Caucasian man who had already started treatment for hyperthyroidism
M.J.A. Biemans, J.C. van Westreenen. Neth J Crit Care September 2016;24(5): 18 - 20
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Early lactic acidosis after acetaminophen overdose
B.J.W. Eikemans, R. Mauritz, D.J. van Westerloo. Neth J Crit Care September 2016;24(5): 21 - 3
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Clinical Image
Severe abdominal compartment syndrome
W.A.C. Koekkoek, D.H.T. Tjan. Neth J Crit Care September 2016;24(5): 26 - 7
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Agreement of blood glucose levels between venous blood test and arterial blood glucometer in the ICU
R. Bhurayanontachai. Neth J Crit Care September 2016;24(5): 11 - 5
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Sedatives in patients who were mechanically ventilated: between a rock and a hard place?
E.J. van Koppen. Neth J Crit Care September 2016;24(5): 24 - 5
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