It only hurts when I breathe
A. Oude Lansink-Hartgring, W.M. van den Bergh. Neth J Crit Care May 2017;25(3): 92 - 3
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The Serotonin Syndrome – a narrative review
W.A.C. Koekkoek, D.H.T. Tjan. Neth J Crit Care May 2017;25(3): 94 - 8
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Original articles
Post pull pneumothorax following cardiac surgery
. Neth J Crit Care May 2017;25(3): 99 - 102
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Case Reports
Disseminated mucormycosis: (almost) fatal!
M. van Lieshout, A.H.J.W. Janssen, C.F.M. Linssen, E.A.M. Beckers, W.N.K.A. van Mook, D.C.J.J. Bergmans. Neth J Crit Care May 2017;25(3): 104 - 7
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Photo quiz Case
The inability to flush a central venous catheter
E.K. van de Weerdt, R.M. Determann, B.J. Biemond, K.P. van Lienden, A.P.J. Vlaar. Neth J Crit Care May 2017;25(3): 103 , 111
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Research News
Temperature management after VF-OHCA: Getting too hot?
P. Schraverus. Neth J Crit Care May 2017;25(3): 108
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Clinical Image
Electrocardiogram disturbances in a woman with renal tubular acidosis type I with severe hypokalaemia and metabolic acidosis
M.R. Groenendijk, M. Heijltjes. Neth J Crit Care May 2017;25(3): 109 - 10
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Complete Journal
NJCC 2017-3 Vol 25
. Neth J Crit Care May 2017;25(3): 91-115
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