The golden age of ultrasound is only just beginning
F.H. Bosch, P.R. Tuinman. Neth J Crit Care March 2018;26(2): 56 - 7
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Ultrasound imaging of the diaphragm: facts and future. A guide for the bedside clinician
M.E. Haaksma, L. Atmowihardjo, L. Heunks, A. Spoelstra-de Man, P.R. Tuinman. Neth J Crit Care March 2018;26(2): 58 - 63
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Original articles
To see or not to see: ultrasound-guided percutaneous tracheostomy
J.E. Lopez Matta, C.V. Elzo Kraemer, D.J. van Westerloo. Neth J Crit Care March 2018;26(2): 66 - 9
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Case Reports
Pneumatosis intestinalis, to treat or not to treat?
N. Treskes, B. Festen-Spanjer. Neth J Crit Care March 2018;26(2): 70 - 3
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Bilateral vocal cord palsy: An uncommon late complication of cortical ischaemic stroke
V. Jain, V. Jain, H. Sapra. Neth J Crit Care March 2018;26(2): 74 - 6
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Hepatopulmonary syndrome – a rare cause of hypoxaemia
W.A.C. Koekkoek1, C.R. Lamers, R. Meiland, M.J. van der Veen, D.C. Burgers – Bonthuis. Neth J Crit Care March 2018;26(2): 77 - 80
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Research News
Lung recruitment and titrated PEEP in moderate to severe ARDS
J. Pillay. Neth J Crit Care March 2018;26(2): 81 - 2
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ro/con debate Conservative oxygenation in the intensive care unit: Pro
H.J.F. Helmerhorst. Neth J Crit Care March 2018;26(2): 83 - 5
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Pro/con debate Conservative oxygenation in the intensive care unit: Con
A.M.E. Spoelstra – de Man. Neth J Crit Care March 2018;26(2): 86 - 7
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