It’s not a gut feeling: don’t listen to the bowels
J.I. van der Spoel. Neth J Crit Care July 2018;26(4): 140 - 1
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Auscultation for bowel sounds in patients with ileus: an outdated practice in the ICU?
S.H.W. van Bree, M.M.C. Prins, N.P. Juffermans. Neth J Crit Care July 2018;26(4): 142 - 6
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Case Reports
Clostridium perfringens: a rare cause of postoperative septic shock
B.B.M. van der Woude, J. Berkhout, J.P. van Basten, J. Schouten. Neth J Crit Care July 2018;26(4): 147 - 9
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Severe pulmonary involvement in a case of drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms (DRESS)
E. Bruwiere, N. Janssen, S. van Santen. Neth J Crit Care July 2018;26(4): 150 - 3
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Small bowel obstruction after laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass presenting as acute pancreatitis: a case report
N. Henning, R.K. Linskens, E.E.M. Schepers-van der Sterren, B. Speelberg. Neth J Crit Care July 2018;26(4): 155 - 7
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Clinical Image
The great imitator, imitated
C.M.W. Teunissen, J.E. Lopez Matta, J.J. Maas. Neth J Crit Care July 2018;26(4): 159 - 160
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