Direct oral anticoagulants and critical care: a review of literature and current opinion
E.R. Lefevre, M.J. Wondergem, B.L. ten Tusscher. Neth J Crit Care September 2018;26(5): 174 - 9
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Original articles
Serum tobramycin concentrations in ICU patients treated with SDD: a prospective study
H. Dijkstra, J. de Zee, A.C. Reidinga, M. van Hulst, M. Luinstra, N.D. Holman. Neth J Crit Care September 2018;26(5): 182 - 6
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Case Reports
Herpes simplex encephalitis: the pitfall of multiple false-negative polymerase chain reactions
J. Heidt, M.M. Leembruggen-Vellinga, J.W. Dorigo-Zetsma, G. Innemee. Neth J Crit Care September 2018;26(5): 1987 - 91
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Stress-induced transient cardiomyopathy due to accidental administration of norepinephrine
S.A.J.M. van Riel, A.J.R. Balthasar, S.M. Schalla, M.A. Siemonsma, W.N.K.A. van Mook. Neth J Crit Care September 2018;26(5): 194 - 7
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Breathless: a case of pulmonary tumor thrombotic microangiopathy?
S. Henderson, K. de Nie, E. Hamoen, J. Maas, L. Speet. Neth J Crit Care September 2018;26(5): 198 - 200
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Research News
Is there still a role for adjunctive rifampicin in S. aureus bacteraemia?
S.B. van der Meer, C.H.S.B. van den Berg. Neth J Crit Care September 2018;26(5): 201 - 2
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Clinical Image
Blood clot – a mirror image of tracheobronchial tree
M. Gupta, O. Singh. Neth J Crit Care September 2018;26(5): 203
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