Another step in ultrasound
F.H. Bosch, J.W. Kallewaard. Neth J Crit Care January 2019;27(1): 4 - 5
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Ultrasound to assess gastric content and fluid volume: new kid on the block for aspiration risk assessment in critically ill patients?
S.A. Soe-Loek-Mooi, N.S. Tjahjadi, A. Perlas, P. van de Putte, P.R. Tuinman. Neth J Crit Care January 2019;27(1): 6 - 13
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Case Reports
Potentially lethal sweets
S.H.G. Mensink, B.P. Ramakers, A.C. Heijckmann, A. Koopmans. Neth J Crit Care January 2019;27(1): 16 - 20
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Successful management of left-atrial oesophageal fistula following radiofrequency ablation
T. van de Venne, R. Waalewijn, H. Bienfait, E. Vlot, A. Braber. Neth J Crit Care January 2019;27(1): 21 - 3
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Clinical Image
Pulmonary oedema after acute upper airway obstruction
J. Epskamp, S.M. Winters, P.E. Spronk. Neth J Crit Care January 2019;27(1): 24 - 5
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Guideline selective decontamination: SWAB guideline revised
E.A.N. Oostdijk. Neth J Crit Care January 2019;27(1): 26 - 7
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