Reaching out!
W.N.K.A. van Mook, J.T. Wind. Neth J Crit Care March 2019;27(2): 72 - 3
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Is the first bilateral hand transplantation feasible in the Netherlands?
A.S. Kruit, D.J.O. Ulrich, W.F. Abdo, S.E.R. Hovius. Neth J Crit Care March 2019;27(2): 74 - 80
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Point-of-care ultrasound of optic nerve sheath diameter to detect elevated intracranial pressure: Ultrasound in the eye of the beholder?
N.S. Tjahjadi, W. van de Bergh, P.W.G. Elbers, D. Gommers, P.R. Tuinman. Neth J Crit Care March 2019;27(2): 81 - 6
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Ten tips and tricks for successful digestive tract decontamination
P.H.J. van der Voort, S. Buitinck, R.R. Jansen, E.J.F. Franssen, R.M. Determann. Neth J Crit Care March 2019;27(2): 87 - 90
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Case Reports
Beriberi in the ICU: remarkable shock reversal with thiamine
R.M. van Stigt, G. van der Wal, S. Kamphuis, A. Braber. Neth J Crit Care March 2019;27(2): 93 - 6
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A patient with acute bilateral paralysis of the legs
M.G.M. Kok, N. Josephus Jitta, S.E. Veneman, Th. F. Veneman. Neth J Crit Care March 2019;27(2): 97 - 8
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Insufficient implementation of the SDD concept may yield invalid conclusions
P.H.J. van der Voort, P.E. Spronk. Neth J Crit Care March 2019;27(2): 91
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B.H. Wittekamp, M.J.M. Bonten. Neth J Crit Care March 2019;27(2): 92
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