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D.W. Donker. Neth J Crit Care May 2020;28(3): 116 - 7
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Delirium in the ICU – A structured review of promising diagnostic and therapeutic approaches: Next steps in ICU delirium
L. Smit, M. van der Jagt. Neth J Crit Care May 2020;28(3): 126 - 133
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Original articles
A Lean approach to improve the organisation of unplanned intensive care admissions: A before-after analysis
I.T. Spaan, A.F. van der Sluijs, A.D. Boelens, J. Binnekade, E-J. van Lieshout, N.P. Juffermans, R. Mudde, P. Bouter, D.A. Dongelmans, A.P.J. Vlaar The first two authors contributed equally. Neth J Crit Care May 2020;28(3): 134 - 8
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POCUS series: E-point septal separation, a quick assessment of reduced left ventricular ejection fraction in a POCUS setting
S.C. Boon, J.E. López Matta, C.V. Elzo Kraemer, P.R. Tuinman, D.J. van Westerloo. Neth J Crit Care May 2020;28(3): 139 - 141
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Harm prevented by using ICU ultrasound prior to percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy
M.E. Seubert, M. de Mos. Neth J Crit Care May 2020;28(3): 142 - 3
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Lung-protective mechanical ventilation in patients with COVID-19
H.J. de Vries, H. Endeman, J.G. van der Hoeven, L.M.A. Heunks. Neth J Crit Care May 2020;28(3): 120 - 4
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Dedicated proning teams in the ICU
T.C. Roeleveld, H.J. de Vries, A. Girbes. Neth J Crit Care May 2020;28(3): 118 - 19
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Complete Journal
Neth j crit care - volume 28 - no 3 - may 2020
. Neth J Crit Care May 2020;28(3): 116 - 147
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