Exploring a new world with mechanical circulatory support during cardiac arrest: the horizon of extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation
L. Mandigers, D. Reis Miranda. Neth J Crit Care July 2020;28(4): 152 - 3
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National and reporting differences of pre-hospital factors in extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation studies
M.M. Suverein, T.S.R. Delnoij, R. Lorusso, M.E. Bol, P.W. Weerwind, P.M.H.J. Roekaerts, J.G. Maessen, M.C.G. van de Poll. Neth J Crit Care July 2020;28(4): 154 - 61
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POCUS series: point-of-care lung ultrasound in patients with COVID-19
A.X. Elzo Kraemer, S.L. Staal, J.E. López Matta, M.E. Haaksma, M.L. Heldeweg, J.M. Smit, P.R. Tuinman, D.J. van Westerloo, C.V. Elzo Kraemer. Neth J Crit Care July 2020;28(4): 162 - 4
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Case Reports
Extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation in a patient with severe lactic acidosis: hope for the nearly dead
J.W.H.J. Geerts, D.J. van Westerloo, O.A. van Meer, J.E. López Matta, J.M. Montero Cabezas, C.V. Elzo Kraemer. Neth J Crit Care July 2020;28(4): 165 - 67
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The use of venovenous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation outside a centre of expertise: a case report
D. van Osch, F.W. Rozendaal, K.C. Bokhoven, J. Polad, D. Reis Miranda, F.N. Polderman. Neth J Crit Care July 2020;28(4): 170 - 4
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A case report on herbicidal intoxication with mecoprop
M.W.T Heldens, J. Uijt de Haag, G.A.M. van der Nat. Neth J Crit Care July 2020;28(4): 175 - 9
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Clinical Image
Neurally adjusted ventilatory assist catheter entering the pleural cavity
M. Kant, M. Hol, P.E. Spronk. Neth J Crit Care July 2020;28(4): 180 - 2
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Complete Journal
Neth j crit care - volume 28 - no 4 - july 2020
. Neth J Crit Care July 2020;28(4): 149 - 84
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