Necessity of thromboembolic risk scoring systems in the management of critically ill: especially in a new disease with an unexpected clinical course
Y.M. Bilgin, N. Kusadasi. Neth J Crit Care September 2020;28(5): 192 - 3
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Cytomegalovirus reactivations in the critically ill
D.S.Y. Ong, O.L. Cremer. Neth J Crit Care September 2020;28(5): 194 - 9
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Physician assistants in intensive care units in the Netherlands: a narrative review with recommendations
H.G. Kreeftenberg, J. van Rosmalen, J.T. Aarts, P.H.J. van der Voort. Neth J Crit Care September 2020;28(5): 200 - 4
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Original articles
Appropriateness of the venous thromboembolism protocol in critically ill medical patients: A cross-sectional study in a resource-limited setting
E. Hosseini, H. Karimpour, F. Shahbazi. Neth J Crit Care September 2020;28(5): 206 - 9
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Case Reports
The heat is on: Acute liver failure caused by exertional heatstroke
S.M.E. Vreeswijk, M.S. Arbous, J.E. Lopez Matta, D.J. van Westerloo. Neth J Crit Care September 2020;28(5): 210 - 13
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The new normal: chronic stay in the paediatric ICU
L. van de Riet, M.W. Alsem, B. Aziz, H. Namo, C.D. van Karnebeek, J.B.M. van Woensel. Neth J Crit Care September 2020;28(5): 214 - 216
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