COVID-19, a remarkable year
M.M.J. van Eijk. Neth J Crit Care March 2021;29(2): 76 - 77
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Original articles
REMAP-CAP: delivering research in the pandemic
J.L.G. Haitsma Mulier, E.R. Rademaker, M.J.M. Bonten, L.P.G. Derde. Neth J Crit Care March 2021;29(2): 87 - 90
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Effect of high-dose methylprednisolone in mechanically ventilated ICU patients with COVID-19: a retrospective observational study
D. Hoogeveen, T.J.P. Ketels, T.J. Wilbers, A.C. Strang. Neth J Crit Care March 2021;29(2): 91 - 95
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Neurological complications in COVID-19 patients admitted to a general ICU in the Netherlands
E.A. Krijnen, S.P.P. Matthijs, D.H.T. Tjan. Neth J Crit Care March 2021;29(2): 96 - 101
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Case Reports
Endotracheal tube obstruction in patients diagnosed with COVID-19
E.A. van Boven, S. van Duin, H.H. Ponssen. Neth J Crit Care March 2021;29(2): 102 - 103
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Cerebral microbleeds in a COVID-19 patient
B. Maatman, E. Aronica, S.D. Roosendaal, D.C. Velseboer. Neth J Crit Care March 2021;29(2): 104 - 106
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ECMO as rescue for COVID-19 related ARDS: the pros and cons
J.J. van der Heijden, C.L. Meuwese, S.A. Braithwaite. Neth J Crit Care March 2021;29(2): 107 - 112
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Fraction of inspired oxygen (FiO2) to modulate respiratory drive in a mechanically ventilated patient
A. Osinski, J. van Rosmalen, R.P.J. Baltussen. Neth J Crit Care March 2021;29(2): 113 - 115
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When to start spontaneous breathing in mechanically ventilated COVID-19 patients? Oxygenation index and PaO2/FiO2 ratio can help
I. Bakker, P.H. Egbers, E.C. Boerma, C. Bethlehem. Neth J Crit Care March 2021;29(2): 116 - 117
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One year of COVID-19 in the Netherlands - a Dutch narrative
. Neth J Crit Care March 2021;29(2): 78 - 84
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Sharing is caring: how COVID-19 led to large-scale collaboration for icudata.nl
P. Elbers. Neth J Crit Care March 2021;29(2): 85 - 86
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Complete Journal
Neth j crit care - volume 29 - no 2 - March 2021
. Neth J Crit Care March 2021;29(2): 76 - 122
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