Pandemics then, now and yet to come
D.J. van Westerloo. Neth J Crit Care March 2022;30(2): 52 - 53
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Potential pandemic pathogens series: Zika virus
C. Nederstigt, S.C. Evers, J. van Paassen, D.J. van Westerloo. Neth J Crit Care March 2022;30(2): 54 - 57
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Original articles
Derivation and validation of the ABCDMed clinical score to estimate the probability of extubation failure in intensive care units
D.R. Rodriguez Lima, N. Navarrete Aldana, V.E. Roncallo Valencia, C. Rubio Ramos, M. Ib  ez Pinilla, Y.Torres Suarez, D.I. Pinilla Rojas. Neth J Crit Care March 2022;30(2): 58 - 66
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Case Reports
Methaemoglobinaemia following intravenous regional anaesthesia: Blue lips and brown blood
S.C. Jansen, M.L. Becker, C. van Gemeren, A. Bruins. Neth J Crit Care March 2022;30(2): 67 - 70
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Euglycaemic diabetic ketoacidosis as a severe complication of dapagliflozin
C.G.J.B. Hogenkamp, S.K. Veneman, E.M.J.M. Backus, Th.F. Veneman. Neth J Crit Care March 2022;30(2): 71 - 73
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Clinical Image
Intoxication with lump formation in the oesophagus
A. van der Bent, J.H.M. van den Brande, J. Heidt. Neth J Crit Care March 2022;30(2): 74 - 75
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Complete Journal
Complete journal
. Neth J Crit Care March 2022;30(2): 51 - 79
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